Über uns

The Genuine Contact Program is a holistic approach for organizational success! It is highly successful and used in all five continents.

We - the Trainers of the Genuine Contact Program - can assist you with
  • creating successful, stable and at the same time adaptive foundations of your organization
  • develop human resources (the people in your organization) who are aligned with the vision of your organization and know exactly how to contribute
  • working with highly effective Meetings & Workshops on an ongoing basis
  • being comfortable and able to deal with conflict that comes inevitably with constant change
  • becoming clear about your personal and professional goals and how to achieve them
  • developing your leadership team and approach to become aligned and successful including all the diversity that it holds
How can we assist you?

We deliver Modules of the Genuine Contact Program that cover all of the above and more! We can show you what you can do from ecactly the situation that you are in – and how you can do it yourself.

If you want more support, we can go the way along with you supporting you with implementation in your Business, securing that the capacity is being built in your organization so that you can utilize it on an ongoing basis and not only when consultants are in the house. No matter wether you are the leader of a business or a not-for-profit organization, the Genuine Contact Program will provide you with simple and useful tools and methods to achieve your goals.

What do we mean by holistic?

We know that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. The Program and its modules are set up in a way

  • to engage people as the whole individuals they are
  • to include all parts of an organization as well as
  • to consider the organizational/business environement to a larger extent than commonly done
  • to apply the most effective tools and methods that we know of

and thus allow interconnectedness being considered to a maximum.

How do we qualify?

Trainers of the Genuine Contact Program have successfully completed the Genuine Contact Program themselves – either with Birgitt and Ward Williams, the founders of the Genuine Contact Approach, or with certified Trainers of the Genuine Contact Program. We are well seasoned in delivering Training as well as in Consulting the Genuine Contact way and we keep on educating ourselves on a continous basis. We have a variety of professional backgrounds and an extensive network of colleagues around the world that allows us to cover nearly every geografic location.

Please flip through the Trainings that we currently provide!

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