Path to Organizational Health & Balance

Foundation 1

Health and balance is essential for organizations that want to reach their potential, be successful and thrive in times of rapid change. The organizational climate or ”operational system” is as important for an organization as it is for your computer.

A foundational belief in the Genuine Contact Program is that every organization has the blueprint to its own health and balance within. To re-discover the blueprint we need to attend to the interior terrain in the organization. As Pasteur once said: “I had it wrong… don’t go after the pathogen, go after the interior terrain that supports it!”

The Path to Organizational Health & Balance workshop provides practical tools for attending to the organizational climate. In this workshop participants learn a path for re-discovering the blueprint and restoring a healthy and balanced climate in an organization. Together they explore the state of health in their organizations from a holistic growth perspective and develop their own perception of what is needed to achieve and maintain health and balance.

You will leave this experiential, interactive workshop equipped with:

  • Key questions for looking at your own organization from a practical holistic framework
  • Knowledge of how the organizational worldview can impact its climate and performace
  • Knowledge of how to increase the capacity of your organization through attending to its health and balance
  • Some simple tools that helps you restore interior terrain in an organization
  • A complete skill and knowledge module för consultants, managers and leaders with benefit used on its own or in conjunction with other components of the Genuine Contact™ Program

Length: 3-7 hours

Prerequisites: None

(Note: This workshop is frequently offered the day or evening before the 2-day Achieving Organizational Health & Balance workshop).

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