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Setting a baseline for measuring progress, Achieving Organizational Health and Balance, online

April 12 @ 3:00 pm - April 26 @ 7:00 pm

Health and balance are essential conditions for organizational transformation and growth. When you choose to create a life nurturing climate, this has a big impact on how people perform and collaborate in your organization. When the climate is encouraging and energizing the organization will perform at its best.

When an organization starts a process of transformation, you may wish to know where to start and you may want to have a baseline from which you can measure progress. This workshop provides you with both, which is important knowledge when planning to re-model or re-organize an organization. The diagnosis is the starting point and with it comes a map for the regeneration of organizational health and balance, using the same multi-functional tools that are used in the diagnosis.

In this workshop you will

  • Learn a holistic way to do a diagnosis of the present state of an organization
  • Discover what is already in place, what needs to be removed, replaced or cleansed
  • Learn to engage people in the diagnosis process and invite their wisdom to provide ideas for the future
  • Learn a set of simple, multipurpose tools to be used for a diagnosis, period checks and adjustments to sustain the desired state of the organization
  • Discover a way to achieve a life nurturing climate that supports organizational growth
  • Create your own plan for doing the diagnosis in your organization, during or after the workshop

Note that this is a self-study workshop with two live sessions where we work to find answers to your questions and to support you to feel comfortable in using the tools. We also provide feedback through e-mails in the two weeks between the sessions. The first session is the Path to Organizational Health and Balance, which is a pre-requisite. The second session is after 2 weeks for self-studies, supported by video, workbook and a booklet with questions and exercises.

Pre-Requisites: Path to Organizational Health and Balance. When you register for both workshops at the same time, the Path to Organizational Health and Balance is free of charge.

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