Genuine Contact™ Organization

Advanced 4

Organizations today are affected by change on a global level in an interconnected world. In their everyday life they need to quickly solve complex problems and master unknown challenges. They need to increase their capacity to navigate with change so people in the organization know how to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. They need a culture of leadership, where everyone can take leadership for growth and development.

The Genuine Contact™ Organization (GCO) is a journey that engages and involves everyone in the organization. There is no pre-defined picture of what a GCO should look like or how its culture should be because every organization is unique. GCO provides processes and patterns that can handle and benefit from the complexity inside and outside of the organization. This is an organic development process that brings about every organization´s own unique change from within, simultaneously enhancing capacity for working with change.

The Genuine Contact™ Organization workshop provides guidance for extraordinary leaders who want to lead so that others can lead and consequently need to create a healthy and balanced foundation as an ”operating system” for their organization. The workshop focuses on the preparation of the leader, the technology and processes that make up the building blocks of GCO and identifying the form and essence of a GCO together with developing a plan for the shift. Finally the workshop focuses on what is required to assist an organization to sustain itself as a GCO.

You will leave this experiential, interactive workshop equipped with:

  • Knowledge of developing an organization as a Genuine Contact Organization
  • Your own design to start the development of a Genuine Contact Organization
  • Knowledge in working with the key ingredients of a GCO to support a solution focused climate together with key ingredients for daily and strategic planning and implementation
  • An in depth understanding of the dimensions and dynamics of ongoing work with the tools and methods of the Genuine Contact™ Program
  • Key ingredients to support leadership in working with change
  • A practical means for working with the existing wisdom in the organization and the broader stakeholder involvement

Length: 4 days

Prerequisites: Path to Organizational Health & Balance, Achieving Organizational Health & Balance, Open Space Technology and Whole Person Process Facilitation.

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